What we think is important


We value and respect the communication with our clients carefully. It is one of the problems that often happens often due to production delay and troubles caused by misunderstanding again with clients as well as the site of production. As a professional in production, we will build up and grow up with clients as well as site details, background system design, content and other details.


I do not know the client and I do not think that I can not do good work. For that reason, we will enter the client’s bosom, why we will build up, how we monetize, how we should respond to users’ support, etc. We will raise the business with the same perspective as the client.


Speed is important for business. Of course, the development and construction part of the production side is also important, but the decisor will make proposals based on a lot of experience and knowledge as timely and high-quality advice so that the client’s direction will not be blurred. With that in mind, we will not only give importance to the delivery term, but also provide us with satisfaction with the client by repeating operation tests and corrections.


WEB Site Creation

From the corporate site giving a sense of trust, it is possible to produce in a wide range of genres such as eating and drinking establishments, beauty care sites, medical website stores, landing pages of mail-order items, communication and matching sites like SNS. Of course it does not matter if you can hear your voice at the planning stage.


Design Creation

We respond to various design productions including logo design for company and web site, business cards, leaflets, leaflets, company guide and product wrapping paper design. Having designers in-house, it is superior in unity of image and branding, leading to cost reduction.

Movie Production

Videos as content are highly appealing and are used in various situations. Even with a few seconds of video, the impact is stronger than still images, so we recommend you to introduce it. The staff related to the image will also provide after-sales support such as renewal by changing the version or delivering from the plan design.

System Development

We will do business such as building original system in the company such as application, upgrading existing software, setting / training general sales software. Although it is a system development that often requires unique specifications, we will offer more than expected products while drawing out the client’s needs in detail.

Hosting Business

We will take responsibility and manage and provide you with the responsibility to reduce the burden of our customers from acquiring, managing and acquiring e-mail addresses on our website, and managing and managing dedicated servers. Consultation about cloud server such as AWS and AZURE is also possible.

Mobile Application Creation

We can also produce various applications for smartphones like iOX and Android. Although it is newly created, it is also possible to modify an existing application and make it an application of an owned WEB site, for example. We will answer politely even to a casual consultation such as whether an application is necessary in the first place.



About Us

Company Name IOX Corporation
Zip Code 105-0013
Address 2 – 15 Hamamatsucho Minato – ku, Tokyo 2 – Hamamatsucho Diamond Building 2F

Establishment August 2018
Capital 9 million

Representative Yu Bando



Business Content

1. Planning, design, construction, production, operation, maintenance and management of websites and web systems

2. Planning, designing, developing, selling, operating and maintaining application software for mobile terminals and consulting on them



Wanted Jobs

Front Engineer
Server Engineer
iOX / Android Engineer
General Secretary

Daily Work Schedule

Full-time Employee/Partner Contract


300,000 – 800,000 (by experience)

We do not ask male and female experiences. We also correspond flexibly to the number of work days and time.
If you are interested please contact us from inquiries.




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